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Lisa Bolmsten, Anton Brottare, Martin Lindeborg

Dare To

The potential of technology as an instrument to obtain a sense of home is complex and contains several aspects to take into consideration. In this paper we wanted to move away from thinking of home as an isolated unit with walls and a ceiling and try to enhance the aspect of “feeling at home” with mobility and tangibility within the context of a refugee situation. More specifically we are interested in the situation in which a refugee has arrived in Sweden, living in temporary homes not knowing if they are going to be allowed to stay and get a residence permit, or if they just got a residence permit and are starting up a new life in a completely unfamiliar environment.

Dare To is an interactive multifunction stress reducer. It monitors the users heart rate and becomes warm when it registers that the user is nervous, giving the user the sensation of holding someones hand. It will play a prerecorded message or song if the user squeeze it to motivate the user and because it want to be used it will call on it’s owners attention by vibrations and pulsating lights if forgotten about.


2017, Tangible & Embodied Interaction (Second year)