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Food waste in public kitchens

In collaboration with the city of Malmö, students in the Service Design course investigated the issue of food waste in facilities such as kindergartens and elderly care homes.

Students conducted their projects in a co-design manner, including extensive fieldwork and prototyping and a roadmap for how to deploy the concepts.

Mock-up of a kitchen display showing how many different kinds of meals are needed today. Waste can be reduced by making only as many meals as necessary (Team 3)

Mock-up of a web app to coordinate recipe and knowledge sharing amongst chefs for elderly care institutions (Team 4)

By signalling the amount of leftover meals, the collection and redistribution of food can be facilitated (Team 2)

Service map (Team 6)

Co-design session (Team 2)


  1. Ida Ingerslev, Marcus Bader, Kristoffer Hallberg, Viktor Lind, Marianne Bansell, Helena Olsson, Jenny Gabrielsson
  2. Emil Berzén, Fabian Ehmel, Jakob Håkansson, Johannes Johansson, Clara Lundborg, Madeleine Wittbom
  3. Mårten Friman, Fredrik Påhlsson, Robin Medin, Daniel Selleby, Amina Muftic, Mattias Wendt
  4. Johanne Radford, Andrée Rehnberg, Johanna Johnson, Marcus Håkansson, Marcus Olofsson, Sebastian Nilsson
  5. Antonia Jungbeck, Linn Nerlund, Nicolina Orell, Madeleine Nilsson, Herman Wikner, Sebastian Wictorin, Jennifer Larsson
  6. Oskar Hansson, Freja Detter, Fabian Dinklage, Graziella Sundblad, Jonas Köpfer, Alrik He, Victor Lind
  7. Victor Lind, Alrik He, Oskar Hansson, Jonas Gabrielsson, Johan Andersson

2017, Service Design (Second year)