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Analog feedback servo

In this two-week module in Interactivity, students had to explore the interactive possibilities of a single component: a servo motor that is both an actuator and input device.

In Interactivity, students purposefully do not create concepts or solve problems, they are engaged with pure experimentation and building knowledge through design.


Daniel Alfredsson & Igor Kovtun

Exploring pan and zoom navigation. By tilting the controller, one of three axes can be controlled.

The Remote Body

Erik Cronqvist & Robbin Hoogstrate

These experiments explored the sensation of ‘connection’ between one’s own body and an actuated appendage.

Controlling Control

Axel Gustafsson & Nathalie Strindlund

A series of sketches that explored notions of the machine “pushing back”, and controlling the user as the user attempted to control it. This is difficult to demonstrate in the video, because the servo motor’s movements are felt within the grasp of the hand.


Lisa Bolmsten & Elena Hsu

These experiments purposefully explored the sound of the servo motor, and how this might be accentuated or used to express behaviour.

A quick sketch to augment the sound of the servo

On-screen triangles have different behaviours. When a triangle is activated, the servo makes sound in concordance. The sound in this case is produced purely through its mechanical movement.


Anton Brottare & Martin Lindborg

In these concepts, the use of the servo was applied to select colour in a hypothetical drawing scenario. The colour picker can also move back, for example allowing the user to feel random colour variations produced by software.

Moving the servo changes the painting colour

The servo might have a behaviour of its own, randomly selecting colours.

Material meetings

Simon Richter & Sebastian Thorén

A series of explorations of material interfacing with the servo, primarily with magnetic particles.


2017, Interactivity (Second year)