We welcome collaboration from industry, government and NGOs.

Kinds of collaboration include:

  • Guest seminars or workshops
  • Project briefs
  • Internships
  • Thesis student hosting


Students can opt to go on internship in their fifth semester. Read more about K3’s internship programme and how to get involved.

Our students should have their internship in place by mid-May, so consider circulating offers or getting in touch as early as October the year before. Consider getting involved in the programme in other ways so students are aware of your organisation, its values, and the activities it is involved in.

Companies that have recently received interaction design interns include: ÅF Consult, Arduino, Axis, IKEA, inUse, Jayway, Massive Entertainment, Neo4j, Sony Mobile, TetraPak, Transformator Design, Tunstall and Visma.

Organisations are also welcome to offer summer internships outside of the formal internship programme.


  • Mid-January: we host information seminars about internships for students
  • Mid-March: students apply for the internship course
  • Mid-May: students have an reached an agreement with an organisation to host their internship, and submit the paperwork for approval by the university
  • Internship: Early September - late January

Thesis student hosting

It’s quite common for thesis students to continue to be involved with an organisation as part of their thesis work. The organisation might offer a place to work from or access to people or special resources. In some cases the student might be designing for the organisation, as in identifying a possibility to improve the organisation itself. In other cases, the student might be involved with issues the organisation is involved in, such as product development or client projects.

In contrast with the internship, the student must work in a more independent and scholarly manner - framing a problem and unpacking it in relation to literature and so on. It’s not appropriate in a thesis project for an organisation to give a student a task to work on.

Examples of industry-anchored thesis projects have included:

  • Designing to support a firm’s own designers to work with a new technological material
  • Investigating opportunity for new interactive technology to improve customer experience
  • Identifying a problem with an organisation’s work practices and devising a way to improve it
  • Understanding how a firm’s product is used and understood and identifying opportunities to improve it
  • Speculative investigations of new forms of interactivity that relate to the organisation’s interests