Felicia Del Troppo, Isak Eklund, Viggo Hasselquist, Priscilla Silva


An education tool for writing

  • A set of cubes designed for the user to build texts and presentations.
  • The blackboard-style coating allows for easy writing and erasing while the interactive user interface facilitates form and structure.
  • Provides the user with the freedom to physically drag, drop and rearrange their texts or presentations.

Box-It is a novel way to build your texts and presentations―literally. Box-It is a tangible system of cubes designed for students and professionals for whom writing texts or creating presentations is part of their routine.

The cubes’ blackboard-style coating allows the user to write on the cubes utilizing the special chalk pen and just as easy, to erase the writing with a sponge. This way, the cubes can be reused as many times as the user decides, providing for a more environmentally friendly alternative to sticky notes and paper.

The user can then manipulate and rearrange the cubes in whatever manner he or she finds convenient to give form and structure to their text. The interface will then recognize the structure created by the user and display it on the computer screen. Simply put, Box-It becomes a system of physical mind mapping.

Who said thinking inside the box was a bad idea? Don’t let that good thought escape. Box It.

tei box it 1