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Joanne Ju


User engagement and positive lifestyle changes

n comparison to graphic user interfaces (GUI), how might tangible user interfaces (TUI) help strengthen a sense of commitment and improve user engagement to carry out a plan?

Some studies argue that the advantage of TUI over traditional GUI is still unclear, while others state that physicality of the TUI increases enjoyment and has a stronger potential for engagement.

This project attempts to compare these two arguments.

Comparison case


  1. The purpose of this prototype is to help people to build a new daily routine.
  2. First, decide on the task and set a time.
  3. The task must be easy and digestible.
  4. When the alarm turns on, turn it off with a decisive gesture.
  5. This means a start of the task.
  6. When finished, use the same gesture to log complete for the day.
  7. It tracks 7 days of progress.

What could be a ‘decisive gesture’ for completing a goal, how can this moment be made physical?


Strengths of the TUI


There is potential benefit to blending GUI for notification, and TUI for input. Having a tangible device in front of you is harder to ignore compared to simply closing an app.


2022, Studio II (Second year)