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Freja Detter, Oskar Hansson, Clara Lundborg, Johanne Radford, Madeleine Wittbom


Ouie is an interactive nightlight with the goal to help children fall asleep independently without the need for a caretaker being present. Ouie has a tummy light that shines in a warm color, which breathes up and down for a calm, soothing experience. The Ouies always come in pairs so that the child can sleep with one, and the parents sleep with the other. After some time the child and parent can switch Ouies to give each part a scent of the other while sleeping. When feeling lonely, you can squeeze Ouies hand which will send a signal to the other Ouie trough the stars that will shine up on the back. the parents Ouie can in turn send a signal back to the childs Ouie so they know that their parent is present.

Learning to fall asleep by yourself is a big step towards becoming an independent adult and can often be quite challenging for young children. With Ouie, children can get help overcoming this challenge by taking small steps at a time, at first, if the child calls, the parents can walk to the room, but after a while it may be sufficient to just communicate through the Ouies, and even further down the road maybe the Ouie itself is enough to provide a safe environment for the child.


2017, Games & Play (Second year)